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The wtm global trends report 2014, in association with euromonitor international, highlights the emerging trends in the global travel and tourism industry. Sales of the fastestgrowing ecommerce retailers in the u. The world economy has moved into a synchronised slowdown and geopolitical issues still abound. The number of refugees and asylum seekers rose by 2. In addition, the report provides a special focus on tobacco taxation and indepth analyses of tobacco taxes in all who member states, allowing for a more detailed understanding of progress and future challenges in this area. Global retail sporting goods industry 20152020 trend. Who who report on the global tobacco epidemic 2015. Companies in the technology sector must address the risks and disruptive potential of their products and services. Paradox of progress global trends and key implications through 2035 the rich are aging, the poor are not. By now, the fact that companies and governments analyze trends by sifting. The rapid advance of technology and the growing influence of the millennial generation, among other trends, have created both new challenges and opportunities for shopping center owners. Once again we are excited to share with you global trends in investor relations, our report on our biannual ir survey. In last years total retail report, i referred to the high bar that participants in pwc s global online shopper survey had set for retailers worldwide. Migration flows linked to the environment are on the rise.

As supply increases and oil prices rise, volatility will continue to drive strategy. The index assessed the following nine retail segments. Ecommerce share of total global retail sales from 2015 to 2023. Introduction over the last few years, weve heard about the disruption that is coming. This report identifies the 250 largest retailers around the world based on publicly available data for fiscal 20 encompassing companies fiscal years ended through june 2014 and analyzes their. A global risk is defined as an uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, can cause significant negative impact for several countries or industries within the next 10 years. Global retail tech trends 2016 global retail tech trends for 2016 virtual reality, robots, mobile payments, 3d printing and 12 other tech trends will influence the retail industry and play a larger role in everyday life in 2016. The retail real estate industry is undergoing one of the most profound transformations in its history. This whitepaper, first published in 2015 identifies the challenges of retailing in 2019 as well. Global retail sales and yoy growth of selected countries, 20152018 estimates. As companies seek to grow their retail footprint, the need for a global ecommerce framework arose as. These trends are starting to drive a fundamentally different approach moving.

From exploring the impact of retail in our economy to telling the stories of the 42 million americans that make up the industry, nrf highlights industry insights, data and trends through our blog, podcast, video, live events and original research. Two monumental challenges, laden with opportunity, impacting the health and happiness of consumers around the world. Last fifteen years of world retailing industry has seen. Ten key trends and strategies of brands and retailers. Embracing innovation welcome to deloittes 18th annual global powers of retailing report. In this report, our analysts identify and outline the most important tech trends for 2016 and share their thinking on. Download navigating a world of disruption, the briefing note on which this article is based pdf 271kb. Global powers of retailing 2015 embracing innovation. Fashion retail across the world is undergoing substantial change. Adolescence and the path to maturity in global retail american. The first is travel retailing, which is redefining notions of customer base and transforming the role airport retail plays in a companys strategy. Occupier services five future trends shaping your future, now. Subscribe to the trends newsletter and follow us on twitter for the latest news regarding trends global june 1921, 2018 volker will conduct a case writing workshop at the peacekeeping and stability operations institute, us army war college, carlisle, pa.

Both publicly and privately owned companies were considered, and to qualify, companies had to meet several criteria. Global retail sales were projected to amount to around 30 trillion u. The future is bright, and is being shaped by the following trends in 2020 and beyond. Workingage populations are shrinking in wealthy countries, china, and russia. The nielsen global ecommerce and the new retail survey polled 30,000 online respondents in 60 countries to understand how digital. In light of this, how will the modern shopping center be. Global seafood market geographic regions ranked by % cagr volume consumption for 20152022. Global retailing trends no doubt that organized retailing in developed world is far ahead than in india. Most of these new workers, however, will be in south. The gtr has been at the forefront of predicting major trends in the travel and tourism industry since its launch in 2006.

Global forced displacement has increased in 2015, with recordhigh numbers. The global market will grow rapidly in our flat world, with markets such as china and india granting access to the worlds best retailers. Global trends and challenges to sustainable development post2015 3 many countries have benefited from access to global markets and the spread of knowledge and technology, but others remain. Between now and 2015, the biggest consumer causes of disruption in the retail marketplace will be firstwave boomers and the digital generation secondwave gen y and firstwave millennials, collectively. Kpmgs articles on the general data protection regulation. Browse articles, set up your interests, or learn more. Megatrends 2015 making sense of a world in motion 1. In many ways, the commercial real estate cre industry is on more solid footing than it has been for quite some time. Ecommerce automation eliminates many of the manual, repetitive, and. In this 6page special report we will show you some of the important trends both within retail and outside of retail shaping your success including.

Global forced displacement has increased in 2015, with. Mintel identifies four key uk consumer trends for 2015. Save what resonates, curate a library of information, and share content with your network of contacts. Mega and unicorn ipos characterize 2018 deal landscape. The retail sporting goods industry is expected to grow with a cagr of 3. Retail trends for 2015 are shaped by the disruptive changes currently impacting the marketplace. Global retailing conference 20 tory burch duration. Pwc global media and entertainment outlook the analysis was conducted throughout 2015 and is based on 2014 data. Three trends fueling the search for a more ethical and sustainable consumerism.

Analytics are crucial in digital business data sources relatively small and structured, from internal. The stores top 50 global retailers rankings is a fresh look at the top 50 international retailers based on their operations at the start of 2018. As ever we aim to bring news and examples of whats happening in the market and whos innovating right to your fingertips, to hopefully provide future inspiration. The fifth in the series of who reports provides a snapshot of the mpower measures, with all countryspecific data updated and aggregated through 2014. This is the twelfth edition of this landmark report, based on the longestrunning and most comprehensive global survey of the investor relations industry. Global powers of retailing 2015 embracing innovation deloitte. When it comes to retail products and services purchased on the internet, ecommerce will account for 5. Global marketplace 4 megatrends 2015 making sense of a world in motion executive summary. Its growth and challenges article pdf available in journal of business case studies 32 january 2007 with 20,181 reads how we measure reads. China and india granting access to the worlds best retailers. The major drivers of the retail sporting goods industry. Taken together, these trends reveal a grocery industry in the process of shifting. Chapter i global trends and challenges to sustainable.

Two trends reshaping the future of work in 2020 and beyond. Global powers of retailing 2015 g3 retail trends 2015. The new retail world that we have been promised is here. Global market perspective is jlls regular view on the impact of economic forces on property markets worldwide. See the top global retail trends shaping the market in 20 and beyond, and strategies to poise your business for success. It is a unique combination of updates from professionals on the ground and the insights of our leading research organization. In the global marketplace, the war for talent will become increasingly. According to estimates, over 80% of all retail sales in the usa is accounted for by the organized retailers while in europe, this figure accounts to 70%, 40% in brazil and. In the 12 months since, that bar has been raised higher still but customer expectations are really just part of the story for retailers in 2015. But for baby care manufacturers, theres plenty at stake in the battle for baby bucks. New frontiers 2007 pricewaterhousecoopers tns retail forward 7.

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